On consignment at the Helm Sports Exchange.

How It Works:

Two Consignment Options:
1. CASH = 50% of the selling price.
2. STORE CREDIT = 70% of the selling price.

You Get Paid:

CHECK = 50% of selling price.
STORE CREDIT = 70% of selling price.


Helm of Sun Valley – 1111 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose CA 95129. 408-996-7669


You need the cash! They want a deal! We need your support! It’s good to reduce-reuse-recycle!

Huge selection of skis, snowboards and more at Helm of Sun Valley consignment shops in San Jose and Capitola

Extra Detail:
Please be sure all clothing is freshly laundered, free of stains and odors. All clothing not in compliance will be refused.

The Fine Print:
1) Helm Sports Exchange reserves the right to refuse any equipment for any reason.
2) Please don’t bring us broken items, missing pieces or smelly stuff, people don’t want junk.
3) We can not be held liable or responsible for any items that become inoperable while on display. If your item becomes inoperable or appears to be missing parts, you will be notified and asked to pick up your equipment.
4) We are sorry, phone calls will not be taken to check on if equipment has sold. Feel free to stop by and check on your equipment anytime.
5) Please be realistic and price it right the first time. We will not be able to accept phone calls to change prices on your items.
6) Helm will display your item for 6 months. If it has not sold in 6 months, think about donating it to a charity. All items left beyond 6 months will be considered abandoned and property of Helm of Sun Valley. We will use our own discretion as to how to dispose or donate all abandoned equipment.
7) We will notify you via email if you have sold an item and a check or credit will be issued. There will only be one attempt; please be sure we have a working email address.
8) Payment: Checks and Store Credits will be issued two times per month. If your item sells between the 1st and 15th, your payment will be issued by the end of the month. If your item sells between the 16th and the end of the month, your payment will be issued by the 15th. Please allow appropriate processing time for check to arrive after the issue date.

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Please note our new store hours

7 Days a Week: 10am - 6pm

Summer hours vary.
Please call (831) 462-6800

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